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3 Vital Tools to Possess in Your Sales Bag


Without the right clubs, a game of golf is impossible to play well. To hit the shot you want, you need the right equipment in your golf bag. The same is true for sales. With the right equipment in your “bag,” you can effectively address any obstacles a sales prospect places in your path. Three… Read more »

Three Sales Fundamentals All Successful Salespeople Master


Some golfers dislike practicing. They just want to hit the links and get on with the game they love. However, golfers who want to improve must spend time practicing their fundamentals. Tiger Woods was blessed with natural ability, but at his peak, he would begin practice days at 6:00 a.m. and wouldn’t pack it in… Read more »

How to Use Your DISC Assessment to be a Better Salesperson


Employers and employees alike have used personality assessments for years. Employers like these assessments because they help gauge how employees fit within a team or department; employees like them because they both affirm strengths and suggest ways to improve upon weaknesses. Although dozens of personality assessments exist, not all assessments are created equal. For salespeople,… Read more »