Training and Development programs for Sales Enterprises

Hahn offers sales leadership and sales representative training solutions for individuals, groups and corporations and has been a sales trainer for numerous businesses throughout Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Southern Ontario. Our guarantee is that upon completion of our Sales  training program, you and/or your team will:

  • Own a systematic sales process.
  • Take risks, make better decisions, stay motivated and act assertively (without being pushy).
  • Identify the roadblocks you face and learn techniques to overcome them.
  • Master strategies, approaches and techniques of the selling system.
  • Develop goals, establish benchmarks and measure progress with targeted one-on-one coaching.

Rainmaker U,  HAHN’s 5 week  sales training program, bridges the thought and behavior divide by challenging you to reconsider your view of sales and your role in the sales world. Because the most powerful motivators come from within, we believe that a shift in thought about sales is first required that then creates a foundation to internalize these behaviors allowing sales people to become sales leaders.

Lasting results never come from a short term sales training solution like a one day seminar. Lasting results come from ongoing and reinforced learning in a supportive environment. Rainmaker U delivers just that. So, while conventional sales training may be acceptable, Rainmaker U is game changing!

Rainmaker U

Sales training that delivers uncommon results

Learn the critical steps of every sale. Confront the self-limiting thoughts that derail sales people. Understand the psychology behind the sale and learn to master your craft. Create compelling value along with a robust prospecting plan

– Five 4-hour workshops for sales professionals

–  graduates receive certified sales certificate

– A comprehensive approach to creating permanent sales improvements

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Sales Octane

A mastermind devote to sales mastery

Most managers are promoted into their role due to their past sales success, furthermore there are no sales management training institutes that focus on developing sales management talent.   In my years in consulting, sales coaching and sales development I have struggled to find a Sales Leadership program designed for the sole purpose of teaching real-world proven sales management and leadership concepts.  Pulling from years of exposure to sales, I have endeavored to create a world class sales leadership institute in which sales leaders can hone their craft and learn from their peers.  This was the genesis of Sales Octane