CHAMPion Sales Academy: Training and Development for Sales

Hahn offers sales leadership and sales representative training solutions for individuals, groups and corporations and has been a sales trainer for numerous businesses throughout Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Southern Ontario. Our guarantee is that upon completion of the Sales CHAMPion training program, you and/or your team will:

  • Own a systematic sales process.
  • Take risks, make better decisions, stay motivated and act assertively (without being pushy).
  • Identify the roadblocks you face and learn techniques to overcome them.
  • Master strategies, approaches and techniques of the selling system.
  • Develop goals, establish benchmarks and measure progress with targeted one-on-one coaching.

CHAMPion Sales Academy, HAHN’s 10 week  sales training program, bridges the thought and behavior divide by challenging you to reconsider your view of sales and your role in the sales world. Because the most powerful motivators come from within, we believe that a shift in thought about sales is first required that then creates a foundation to internalize these behaviors allowing sales people to become sales leaders.

CHAMPion Sales Academy embraces the process of effective sales training. Lasting results never come from a short term sales training solution like a one day seminar. Lasting results come from ongoing and reinforced learning in a supportive environment. CHAMPion Sales Academy delivers just that. So, while conventional sales training may be acceptable, CHAMPion Sales Academy is game changing!   $2500 per person

The Sales CHAMPions Sales Curriculum

Unconventional sales techniques for exceptional sales people:

Systematic Selling

Discover the power of a learned and comprehensive selling system and overlay it on your current sales approach.

Bonding and Building Rapport with Prospects Plus the Platinum Rule of Selling

Using DiSC methodologies and NLP techniques, apply specific technologies to the art of establishing an emotional bond and positive rapport with prospects. People buy from people with whom they bond, people Bond with people who communicate with them in an effective manner. Learn techniques to build trust and grow your business.

Making Up-Front Contracts with Prospects

Take control of the sales process by applying this powerful technique to every step of the sale.

Questioning Techniques

Through effective questioning techniques such as the “Dummy Curve,” learn to vastly improve your information gathering ability and to exert greater influence over your sales prospects.

Qualifying the Opportunity

PAIN: Learn the high-powered qualification/questioning processes needed to probe for true buyer motivations.

Money Issues: Uncover the budgetary constraints that underlie every sales situation.
Identifying the Prospects  You need to know precisely how your prospect’s organization makes its decisions, and insure that you are dealing with the REAL Buyer.

Closing the Sale: Learn to consistently close, by applying a strong set of steps to each part of every sales encounter.

Contact Management

Build a powerful value proposition and scripting to get past the gate keeper and confidently achieve your objective: Get more appointments.

Comfort Zone & Managing your KASH Account

How does your self image impact your behaviors. We reexamine DiSC to uncover deep seated behaviors and discover ways to expand our comfort zone. Sales success is based on 4 key attributes; Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. We will explore the interaction between each and create more positive behaviors.

Setting Goals & Creating a Prospecting Plan

Only 3% of the US population has written goals, Those that do have written goals out-earn their counterparts by a margin of 10-1. Join the minority and learn how goal setting and time management will take you to the top. You will create a specific sales and marketing plan tailored to your market.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Reverse engineer your goals to create tangible activity metrics which keep you on task, Create Dashboards and scorecards to hold yourself to a greater level of accountability.

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– Five 4-hour workshops for professionals who sell (Attorneys, engineers, accountants, architects, etc.)
– A one of a kind comprehensive approach dedicated to professionals who “sell” but do not want to be perceived as “salesy”

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