2 agendas are at work when you engage a prospective client: yours and the prospect’s.  

Find PAIN:

If you’ve felt the pain of “unsuccessful” sales calls, you’ve already discovered that giving the information to the prospect isn’t always in your best interest unless you have “qualified” the prospect and the prospect has “pain,” an emotional reason to make a change (not just an intellectual one).

Differentiate or Die

You will undoubtedly find yourself in “Competitive situations,” where you are one of two or three companies vying for the business. when you are face-to-face with a prospective customer, you  need to distinguish yourself—if you don’t, then most likely the lowest price wins the business. 

Avoid Unpaid Consulting

In our desire to help people OR in a misguided effort to demonstrate our expertise, we share too much information too soon in the sales process.  The prospect has our solution, thanks us for our time and says they will “think it over.”  2 weeks later, you see your idea being implemented by the competitor.  Turn your answers into questions that get your prospective client to think about their business in a way they never have.  THIS secures the business.

The Sales Dance… Take the lead

  • Learn the true motives and fears of each buyer
  • Stop arm-wrestling at the close
  • Avoid the dreaded “let me think it over”
  • Understand tactics that WIN deals

ANYONE who sells or manages sales people
Professionals who sell: engineers, architects, attorneys accountants, estimators

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When: Wednesday December 13th

Time: 8 AM breakfast
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