Sales Octane

Fuel to run your sales organization

Most managers are promoted into their role due to their past sales success, furthermore there are no sales management training institutes that focus on developing sales management talent.   In my years in consulting, sales coaching and sales development I have struggled to find a Sales Leadership program designed for the sole purpose of teaching real-world proven sales management and leadership concepts.  Pulling from years of exposure to sales, I have endeavored to create a world class sales leadership institute in which sales leaders can hone their craft and learn from their peers.  This was the genesis of Sales Octane

Sales Octane is a safe haven for managers to hone their craft amongst peers

What is it?

A monthly 31/2  hour workshop focusing on the art and science of Sales Leadership

What is included?

  • 8-10 attendees per group
  • Access to an extensive sales manager toolkit
  • Member only LinkedIn site
  • Ongoing sales coaching… as needed
  • An assigned accountability partner
  • Online access to 15Five accountability tool
  • 15% Discount applied to all Hahn sales programs


Segue: 20 minutes

Round robin update:

Good news personal

Good news professional

Issue, challenge, opportunity


Problem solving60 minutes

Select Top 3 issues from the group

discuss and solve


Open Forum / lesson:   60 minutes

            Topic chosen by members

Facilitated discussion/training


Accountability team breakouts:   20 minutes   

 Open Q&A: 20 minutes


Action items/departures:   15 minutes



Where :

The construction Exchange Headquarters

2660 William Street

Buffalo NY 14227



Every First Friday of every month

8:30AM til 12:00



$400 Monthly (credit card required


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Sales Management Mastery

A 3 day sales leadership boot-camp: a hard hitting, invigorating boot-camp guaranteed to kick start your management team. Includes interactive discussions, activities, best practices, role playing, coursework materials and a personalized disc assessment for each participant.

Topgrading Your Sales Force
Master fundamentals on how to enhance your sales team and learn a proven 5 step Recruitment & Hiring System.
Knowing & Leading
Covers disc profiling, leading change, setting the culture, and supervising.
Coaching & Debriefing
Learn to conduct effective one-on-one’s consisting of accountability and expectations, consequences, incentives/rewards/recognition, and a need for consistency.

Contact us to improve  sales leadership team

Strategic Sales Planning:

Results in a completed strategic sales & marketing plan

Focus is derived from a plan leading to tactical execution. SSP consists of interactive facilitation and a series of tools and workshops leading to completed sales & marketing plan (24 total classroom hours). Participants include executives and first line managers. Attendees will establish a tactical plan with timelines and account-abilities enabling them to sustain profitable growth within target markets, reduce attrition and maximize revenues. Upon completion, participants will:
OWN a strategic sales and marketing plan which will outline:

  • Target markets
  • Positioning strategy
  • Value proposition
  • SWOT analysis
  • Contact management strategy
  • Sales objectives and activity standards by managers & reps
  • Timelines and contingencies

learn how to create a  powerful roadmap for sales success. 


Sales Coaching

Changing our selling or sales leadership style can be difficult. Often times sales or sales management training is not enough. We face roadblocks that have more to do with our attitudes, perceptions, and emotions than  our selling skills.  Sales Coaching is a powerful solution that applies your sales or sales management skills with personal dedicated focus by an impartial  sales adviser. Coaching provides the most powerful learning environment for Sales executives.

Hahn is a certified Franklin Covey coach.  We provide an empowering learning environment, leading to self-realization and self-actualization by the client.  The objective is to be a catalyst in affecting lasting personal growth, balance and contentment.

Learn how coaching can help