Sales Management Development

Sales management is the most challenging and the most critical position in any sales organization. Whether you  require Sales Management Coaching,  Ongoing Sales Management Training and Development, or a comprehensive assessment of your sales enterprise, Hahn Delivers:

Sales Octane:

A mastermind for sales managers to hone their craft

Most managers are promoted into their role due to their past sales success, furthermore there are no sales management training institutes that focus on developing sales management talent.   In my years in consulting, sales coaching and sales development I have struggled to find a Sales Leadership program designed for the sole purpose of teaching real-world proven sales management and leadership concepts.  Pulling from years of exposure to sales, I have endeavored to create a world class sales leadership institute in which sales leaders can hone their craft and learn from their peers.  This was the genesis of Sales Octane

Sales Manager Development  Workshops

Sales management mastery, Keep it in the Fairway, plus Custom seminars and workshops.


Strategic Sales Leadership Academy

A six month training program dedicated to improving the effectiveness of sales managers, executives and CEO’s

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Chief Sales Officer

An outsourced sales consulting and sales management function designed for Sales Executives wanting to build or overhaul their sales enterprise. Developing a world-class sales enterprise is a large undertaking, requiring an expansive knowledge, experience and perspective that many companies do not possess. To solve this dilemma, many organizations engage outside expertise to build a world-class platform to propel sales to greater heights.

Hahn Training’s “Chief Sales Officer” (CSO) program solves these challenges.


Sales Discovery

A robust analysis of the health of your sales service and marketing organization.

Hahn  Training will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your entire sales organization. We will utilize our assessment tools along with a series of interviews/surveys with a representative sample of personnel..   A comprehensive Discovery Document will be shared with Executive Management and will consist of:

Challenges > Solutions > Business impact on the following:

• an analysis of your Sales Team’s selling skills
• areas of Sales Management Development
• the strength and effectiveness of your Strategic Sales and Marketing Plan
• Marketing Integration / customer loyalty/ CRM
• Recruiting & Hiring
• Compensation / incentives / reward and recognition
• Sales Person Development, metrics, accountability and engagement

Areas of opportunity will be identified, at which point the sales Executive team can employ their own solutions, or Hahn training will submit a statement of work.

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