Sales Mastery

how do you continuously improve your sales results?

Sales Mastery is  two hard hitting days of interactive workshops for sales managers, owners, CEO’s

facilitated by career sales executives, we will review  the 3 most challenging issues expressed by  Sales  Management:

Recruiting and Hiring Top sales talent

Sales Leadership; 

Leading change, setting the pace, accountability, engagement

Coaching and Feedback : the single most important role of a sales  Leader


Who should attend?

Sales Mastery  is designed for Sales Executives, Owners or CEO’s seeking sales leadership development.

What is the curriculum?

Day 1:


  • Hiring skills
  • Interviewing techniques/Questions
  • Recruiting (source & strategy)
  • Assessments 

Day 2

Knowing & Leading:                       

  • DISC Profiling
  • Leading Change/Setting the Culture
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Training

Coaching & Debriefing:                                         

  • Conducting Effective one-on-one’s
  • Accountability & Expectations
  • Consequences
  • Incentives/Rewards/Recognition

What will I learn

attendees will learn a powerful methodology to identify, find and hire exceptional Sales Talent

using our behavioral assessment tools  you will know specifically the strengths and weaknesses of each Sales Person on the team and develop professional development plans for each your sales reps.

Finally, our Certified Sales Coach will help unlock the power of coaching by developing your coaching style, authentic leadership style and  focus


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