Why Golf and Sales Coaching?

The longer I sell and the more I golf the more I realize that the two are inextricably linked by common themes:

• Both require a mastery of sound fundamentals
• Each requires self analysis and a commitment to continuous improvement
• Both require a positive, enabling mentality in which you envision success before you arrive at your destination
• They each require enormous integrity and a resolve to chart your direction, as each sale, as well as each shot offers a new perspective, depending upon the terrain before you.
• Above all, both endeavors are a reflection of your life and how you live it

As you walk the fairways with me in the pages to follow, do so with a keen awareness that each page, each metaphor, and each shot contains a powerful lesson in sales, golf and in the final analysis… life.

So practice, become a student of the game and enjoy the walk… It’s an honorable game…


I have been a golfer for over 25 years, taking up the game for my customers who loved the game.
Initially I was tired of being embarrassed playing at our regional outings, watching my assigned partner hit a long straight drive up the fairway as I hit a “worm burner” off the tee and rushed to take another shot so as not to compound the spectacle by holding up the client.

Over the years however I have come to understand and have fallen in love with the game. To me there is no better elixir than to walk up the dew laden fairway on a summer morning, listening to the birds singing and seeing the sun burst through and then over the tree line. I love to take in the warm breeze blowing across my face, taking a long deep breadth. As I exhale, I feel all my worries and concerns take flight, attached to the wisps of air leaving my body. Yes, I have come to learn that this is why I love the game.

It has been 25 years selling and golfing. I think I have mellowed on both fronts; sales as well as golf. Although I continue to have some hitches in my swing, I have learned to adjust my tempo and have converted certain mechanics into a fairly memorized and consistent swing, not the prettiest mind you… but I own it, and have learned to make it work for me. Understand I am not talking about golf; I am talking about my sales system, although, as I reflect upon it, the same could be said for my golf swing…

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Sales Coaching Seminars

If you are looking for a special event, perhaps an annual sales meeting, a sales recognition event or a corporate retreat for top performing sales people, Keep it in the Fairway is an engaging and memorable event

Most platform speakers are celebrities charging enormous fees who simply review their published works. Good stuff no doubt, offering an interesting perspective and temporary morale boost, but hardly effective in offering lasting value to an organization.

Memory is based on meaning and context. Long term memory is a function of one’s ability to place an intellectual proposition into a context or framework from which it can hold a long term reference.

We provide sales teams with a memorable, lasting program which connects success at sales and golf mastery. How do we  make this program endure the test of time? . We achieve this through five key principles:

  1. Most executives and sales persons golf
  2. Even if one does not actively golf, they draw analogies quickly to their sport of choice, whether it be softball, running, field hockey, lacrosse or even chess
  3. The connection between golf (or their sport of passion) provides a contextual link, creating a richer, longer lasting impression
  4. Each participant receives a personal scorecard and action plan for improvement (that of which is the basis for ongoing coaching and reinforcement)
  5. Multiple reinforcement and training programs are available to support the paradigm shift and change behaviors.

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Swing Thoughts

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