FACT:  professionals are torn between the requirement to bill hours vs. developing new business

Rainmakers invest substantially more time developing business

FACT:  professionals have an aversion to the concept of “selling”

Rainmakers understand the concept of “sales”  and speak comfortably with the C suite


Rainmaker Boot Camp

A three part program focused on building your brand and developing your business designed by professionals, for professionals, attendees will learn simple techniques to build their brand and their business using a professional “non-salesy” approach  Rainmaker Boot Camp addresses the comfort zone and approach essential to productive business development.  three-4 hour sessions (12 classroom hours)


Session I

Breaking Through your Comfort Zone

Examine the self-imposed limits you’ve placed on your achievement and institute a plan for overcoming them.

  DISC Personality Profile

Learn the platinum rule of selling and watch your business grow.

Session II

Creating your Value Proposition

How do you differentiate yourself from the pack? What is your unique value proposition?

Introduction to Systematic Selling Process

Great rainmakers have adopted a repeatable, systematic approach to business development. What’s yours?

 Session III

 Developing a Personal Prospecting/Branding Plan

Identify the right mix of prospecting activities and an action plan to ensure a predictable and sustainable sales effort.

 Time Management

The average professional operates at 30% of their peak efficiency. Learn to avoid time traps.

Where:  The Construction Exchange Headquarters   2660 William Street   (¼ mile west of thruway Exit)

When:   Please Inquire

 Investment:  $1295

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