Exceptional leaders understand the value of human relations and the distinction between leadership, management, supervision and training and are are able to apply these skills in appropriate doses and at appropriate times. Caught between frontline tactics and the requirement to execute strategically, the fine line between urgent and important. Frontline managers find themselves serving the role of nursemaid one moment, strategist the next, motivator and coach in one instance and collaborator, confidant, and negotiator the next. It is expected that they will execute on all these roles flawlessly while maintaining focus on attaining corporate goals.

Great leaders recognize that leadership boils down to their ability to maintain focus on those practice areas which yield the greatest gain:

Coaching for high performance  hiring superior performers ◊ talent assessment ◊ managing performance ◊ planning and executing effectively,

An acronym which we have come to call CHAMP.

  • Coaching
  • Hiring well
  • Assessing their personnel
  • Managing effectively
  • Planning and execution

Great Leaders

Great Leaders excel  at living the mission and setting the organization’s pace through their strong example. Great leaders are, above all, champions of the cause and champions of their people. Great leaders are able to rise above the minutia and sustain allocating 80% of their time to these five critical high gain areas.Unfortunately there is a shortage of great leaders.

The sad reality however, is that the majority of managers have not received adequate training nor coaching and continue to spend 80% of their efforts on all but the high gain activity.

CHAMP is a series of five stand-alone modules which can be applied individually, or cobbled together as needed to fill the gaps of your team. Turn your Managers into true Leaders Today.

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