Top performing sales professionals don’t achieve great results by luck. They are consistent in their efforts. They have a great work ethic. They don’t give up. But even beyond those basic skills, many top sales professionals share behavioral and personality traits that make them exceptional.

Improve Your Sales Results with DiSC Sales Assessment Tests

At Hahn Training, we help organizations improve their internal sales teams and make exceptional new hires. By using DiSC Sales Assessment tests, we can identify areas for improvement and predict the success of new sales hires.

Benchmark Existing Sales Teams

By giving your existing sales professionals a DiSC Assessment, you will identify the key attributes of both top, and bottom performers.

Develop Sales Training Plans that Improve Close Ratios            

DiSC Assessments will help you determine the proper sales training program for each sales person and dramatically improve sales effectiveness and close ratios.

Predict Future Sales Success    

By identifying the key attributes of your top sales performers, you will have a blueprint for future hires. Candidates that match the DiSC profiles of your top performers will be more likely to succeed and produce more quickly. 

Free Sales DiSC Assessment Test

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