Developing a world-class sales enterprise is a large undertaking, requiring expansive knowledge, experience, perspective, and business acumen.  Few companies have these resources.

The result: they try to build their own with neither the time, efficiency or expertise.  Hahn provides Sales consulting to solve this key business challenge

To fix this dilemma, Hahn acts as Chief Sales Officer; an interim, Outsourced Sales Management position. Chief Sales Officer provides a comprehensive suite of sales consulting services designed to build a sustainable, world-class sales enterprise.

Our Sales Discovery Process

Often times, a company hasn’t identified nor prioritized their sales training and development needs. This may result in wasting enormous time money and resources. Our Sales Discovery process can help you build a blueprint for future sales success.

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Chief Sales Officer:

Chief Sales Officer (CSO ) is an interim measure in which we oversee and implement key aspects of the sales enterprise over a three to twelve month period custom developed based on your specific needs. Much more than sales consulting  or executive coaching, a typical Sales engagement will include portions of coaching, strategic planning, training and development, processes, metrics and best practices developed over a 30 year sales and leadership career.   We create a robust plan of attack with milestones and scorecards.  Hahn acts as Chief Sales Officer during this time period, reporting to  and working with the executive team.  The deliverable:

  • a stronger  sales team
  • improved metrics and accountability
  • better coaching and leadership
  • less turnover
  • more sales
  • a sustainable sales enterprise

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As the complexity of business development initiatives has increased, so  too has the necessity of embracing a powerful, customized and easily implemented CRM  tool

As a certified ZOHO CRM reseller, we can assist you in the selection and creation of a customized CRM to fit your sales enterprise.

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