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Leadership Lessons from a Rookie Coach…


“The Drought…” Buffalo fans had lived with the playoff drought for 18 years! I will spare the details, but as many lifelong Bills fans will attest, it has been a disappointment and embarrassment as we employed nine head coaches over that time to rescue a listless franchise. We threw millions of dollars at premiere players,… Read more »

“But they had experience!”


… Famous last words of a FORMER  top sales executive… Top performing sales organizations have a robust process in place to Find, Obtain, Develop and  Retain top flight sales performers.  They do several things very well, and have adopted systems and metrics to measure and improve all aspects of the sales and marketing  processes. The best… Read more »

Quit rolling the dice when you hire sales people


How many of your sales people are meeting their Quota?  Why is it that some excel while others falter?  In the years I have been training and developing sales teams I have tried to identify the key attributes that great sales people share.  Sales people are an extremely challenging interview as they are trained to… Read more »