Is there a  connection between Golf Mastery and Sales Excellence?

Absolutely!  Top competitive athletes generally make very good sales people. What are some of the common traits that great golfers and great sales people have in common? Among the common traits that are the critical success elements shared by top professionals are:

  • Discipline
  • Perseverence
  • Focus
  • Personal accountability and
  • Self awareness


I have been a golfer for over 30 years, taking up the game for my customers who loved the game. After my initial embarassment  playing at our regional golf outings,  I have come to understand and have fallen in love with the game. To me there is no better elixir than to walk up the dew laden fairway on a summer morning, listening to the birds singing and seeing the sun burst through and then over the tree line.  It is here that I reconnect with all that I cherish.

I am passionate about both golf and sales and  have endeavored to reflect on the connecton between the two..  The result… “Keep it in the Fairway, “ 18 principles to improve your sales handicap:  a short book  highlighting 18 lessons in golf and sales.

Walk the fairway with me and gain key insights in ways to improve your sales results.

Enjoy the Walk… It is an honorable game

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