Although every sales position is somewhat unique, our patented Job Benchmark  is a collaborative and proven process.  Adopt our robust 18 step hiring process which includes

  • Clearly and specifically define the position
  • identify the Key account-abilities required of the job
  • identify the specific daily duties required of the job
  • Prioritize the attributes of best fit candidates
  • utilize the bench mark to vet and compare candidates
  • powerful “new hire” program for sales reps designed to accelerate speed to market

results have been astounding;  reducing rep turnover, accelerating ramp up of sales people  and providing powerful coaching and development insights.

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The results speak for themselves:

Hahn created profound lasting change across my sales enterprise.

Our improved selection process has dramatically improved our entire sales enterprise

We are attracting  top performers to our team.  Managers are now coaching their people and for the first time I feel like my sales people are personally responsible for their  sales goals and they have the tools to master their own destiny. More importantly, Don has established a foundation and culture which allows us to sustain sales excellence.

The TriMetrix Sales Hiring Assessment Stops Sales Turnover and Dramatically Improves Hiring Success Rates

Unfortunately, a solid resume with a track record of sales success is no guarantee that a candidate will succeed for you, in your unique sales environment.

TriMetrix sales hiring assessments take the uncertainty out of hiring by determining the specific attributes your sales position requires for success and then allowing you to objectively compare your sales candidates against that criteria.

Adding TriMetrix to Your Hiring Process Allows You to:

  •  Pinpoint what your open position requires for success
  •  Select candidates most likely to succeed in your environment
  •  Decrease the time it takes to reach high-performance levels
  •  Provide individualized coaching plans for your sales reps
  •  Reduce sales turnover across your sales team

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