Great Sales organizations share some common traits that set them apart. the key attributes which distinguish them from the pack are:

  • Focus
  • Accountability to ACTION versus results
  • regular and effective coaching and feedback
  • Great selection and development processes

At the heart of every great sales team is great leadership. Learn the 8 characteristics that GREAT teams share:

  • A well communicated sales process and sales nomenclature permeates the enterprise
  • Each salesperson understands their personal sales metrics and is held accountable to those metrics
  • The value proposition is well understood, and reps are savvy at presenting that Value
  • A CRM is well ingrained in the organization and embraced by all
  • Salespeople understand the value of marketing and embrace their Role in coordinating marketing within their territory
  • The organization has a robust Strategic sales and marketing plan and there is a strong focus on execution of that plan
  • Sales managers understand and engage in Coaching as an integral part of their job
  • There is a rigorous hiring and on-boarding process that weeds out under performers

Read more about the “GREAT EIGHT” here

If you wish to find out how your sales team compares with the field, take our sales effectiveness survey and learn how effective your sales force really is.


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