Managers today are overwhelmed with the speed and quantity of information crossing their desk each day. In addition, the pure volume of issues they are required to manage combines to create a frenetic approach to their day. Often times when I ask managers if they accomplished their top 3 tasks for the day, I am told they never even got to their #1 priority. To maximize our contributions, we must discern between the urgent and the important and gain the discipline to focus on the highest gain activities.

Creating Accountability

We all must distill our job description (and the job descriptions of all the people on our team) to the 5 primary reasons that job exists. Converting the 5 primary reasons into 5 measurable roles creates a focus and accountability at every level of your enterprise. As a manager or leader, if you have one or more persons who report to you, your #1 role is “LMA”, an acronym for Lead, Manage and Hold your people accountable.

LMA begins with clearly conveying the 5 accountabilities of each person, creating performance metrics to inspect their performance and then committing to ongoing coaching training and developing of each person to reach their full potential

Leadership? Management? or Supervision?

Leadership is misunderstood by many.  As an EOS implementer, I have found that everyone has their own interpretation as to what “LMA” consists of. What precisely does “LMA” look like in your organization? Have you clearly defined those expectations and the components which LMA must include? Help your managers define the key components of LMA. Below are some critical elements which “LMA” may include. Certainly, this is not an exhaustive list so feel free to add your own:

Bidirectional frequent feedback ~ 1 on 1 coaching ~Onboarding Training ~soft skills Training ~ skills ~ Cross training ~ Reward and recognition ~ Quarterly reviews ~ Metrics reinforced ~ JIT coaching ~ Weekly meeting ~ Huddles


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