As I work with companies, I find that many managers focus on completion of tasks, oversite of metrics, inspection of processes, and fire fighting.

While each of these are important to the job, people are often overlooked as the day to day pressures cause most managers to be consumed with the urgent tactical matters at hand.

If you have managers who report to you, help provide focus.  In reality there are no more than 5 key areas that, if focused upon will provide the greatest yield.  Consider the top 5 reasons WHY the job exists.  The job description follows.  Your responsibility is to insure the manager is then fulfilling those responsibilities.  Often overlooked, or under-managed is their single greatest Focus; To lead, manage and hold their people accountable.  (LMA).  If  your manager oversees people this MUST be their #1 focus.  (in fact, if you have persons working for you it must be YOUR #1 focus.

Unfortunately this function is ill defined and so managers take it upon themselves to define precisely what they must do to effectively Lead, Manage and hold people Accountable. This is  critical misstep.

So… what are those elements? and How do you create focus on those elements?

What precisely does LMA look like in your organization?

Have you clearly defined those expectations and the components that make up “LMA?”

Help your managers define precisely what LMA consists of, and hold them accountable to it.

Although not an exhaustive list, here are some ideas to get you started on defining precisely what LMA consists of:

  • Frequent, authentic, Bi-directional feedback
  • Formal 1 on 1 coaching
  • JIT coaching
  • Strong on-boarding
  • Training:  both soft skills and hard skills
  • Cross training
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Weekly meetings
  • Daily Huddles

This should get you started. Oh, and by the way, inspect that which you expect…


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