Are your managers acting as leaders or supervisors?
How much time do your managers spend on truly developing their people?
To what are your managers really accountable and which areas of focus drive the greatest return?
The most effective leaders hold their managers to 5 role responsibilities to maximize results.
Certainly their are tactical responsibilities and a requirement for performance results; managing the metrics, building strategy and implementing the resulting tactics.
These are fairly straightforward actions which can be inspected with KPI’s and Scorecards, but really these are only the tip of the iceberg, and many times a latent measurement at best..
Without a fervent focus on developing and guiding talent, your managers ability to grow and sustain their team will falter.
Enter LMA™
My experience suggests that most managers allow themselves to continually be dragged into the minutia of their jobs, forsaking  their primary responsibility of  developing and focusing their people. the average Manager spend less than 10% of their time developing their people
At EOSTM   we call this responsibility   LMA™, which stands for LEAD, MANAGE and HOLD ACCOUNTABLE
If a manager has people who report to them, their primary role within their Top 5 must be LMA™
There must be no responsibility greater than this.  Unfortunately, the importance of  LMA™ is lost to the urgent.
Make sure that within your accountability chart  LMA™  is at the top of your manager’s list.
You must create KPI’s that insure this is being done frequently and it is being done well.

Coaching, mentoring, huddles one on one’s, training, and  quarterly reviews are critical

Ask yourself:

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