It happens to all companies, at some point. We outpace our processes, our VISION gets a bit cloudy, we make a few hiring mis-steps, or we fail to communicate effectively.  It can be one or several of these or other related factors.  Sometimes it occurs when we hit $1MM in sales or the $3MM or $10 MM sales mark.  Not always does the company go off the rails, but generally they lose their focus; creating inefficiencies, lack of accountability or an inability to focus and execute.

Linear growth in people generally creates exponential complexity within the organization and what “got us here will NOT get us there… ”  It is time to shift our perspective and rethink the way we execute.

So, what do you do when you “Hit the Ceiling?”

Donald Hahn, of Hahn Training, a Business coach and sales trainer has achieved the designation of EOS® Implementer.  Trained in the use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® Don is committed to Reveal and Release human potential.

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, combines timeless business principles with a set of simple, practical, real-world tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. EOS Worldwide offers comprehensive training and support to entrepreneurs in the alignment and execution of Six Key Components™ required for business success




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