Every sales call offers three possible outcomes:

  • A sale or a clear next step toward a sale,
  • A lost sale,
  • A lesson learned.

Many salespeople overlook the third outcome. Focused on winning or losing, they see only the first two – and miss an extraordinary opportunity.

Learning from each sale is essential for the growth of any sales professional. Here’s how to build a learning process that helps move you closer to success.

1) Analyze ASAP.

The time to analyze each sales step is immediately after it occurs. When you hang up the phone, spend a few moments thinking about what went well and what didn’t get you the results you sought. After a meeting, spend a few moments in your car “debriefing” the meeting in a similar fashion.

Gathering data is valuable at the analysis step. Jotting down notes can help you keep track of what happened, remind yourself to work on flaws or challenges, and analyze which patterns lead to success and which lead to failure.

2) Learn from both wins and losses.

It’s tempting to analyze only your wins, because losses are painful, or to analyze only your losses because wins got you what you wanted. Yet the best sales professionals learn from both results. They “step outside” the situation, win or lose, and evaluate it in the same way: with an eye to learning.

Practice separating the need to learn from the results of the action. Whether you reached your desired result or not, every contact with a customer is a chance to learn that should not be wasted.

3) Get in the zone.

Analysis works best when performed after a call, meeting or another contact. By analyzing beforehand, you risk overthinking the connection and missing opportunities that arise in the moment.

When entering a call or meeting, rely on the sales techniques you have practiced to carry you through to success. Do your analysis of these techniques and your implementation of them after the fact. By doing so, you can move closer to success in the long run without tensing up in the moment.


Continue Growing

Highly successful sales professionals know that sales is a continuous process of learning. They know that the “perfect” call, meeting or sale is an ideal rather than a reality, but they nevertheless seek to move every step they take closer to that ideal.

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