Sales professionals know their job entails more than just a good mood and an optimistic outlook. Sales success also demands hard work.

The hard work begins with understanding the target and the criteria for success. Successful salespeople have a clear goal in mind. They visualize success from the start. When sales professionals flounder, the problem can often be traced back to a lack of clarity in the goal or a weak sense of purpose.

Here’s how to start the success process:

Examine the terrain.

Every sales call presents its own mix of opportunities and challenges. The first step is to evaluate these honestly, neither overstating the opportunities nor downplaying the challenges. It is equally important not to downplay opportunities or overstate challenges, as well, lest pessimism creep in and create doubt.

Visualize success.

Once the salesperson sees both the opportunities and challenges ahead for what they are, the next step is to visualize success. What outcome from this call or appointment would land the salesperson closest to their intended target? Develop a clear vision for success in the upcoming communication with a customer or prospect.

Account for variables.

With that clear vision of success in mind, the sales professional must next weigh it against the opportunities and challenges that lie in this call. One way to grasp this step is to compare it to the way a professional golfer examines their terrain: They visualize the ball reaching the green, and they account for the fact it will first have to clear a sand trap between the golfer and the pin.

Step confidently into the role of success.

By keeping the vision of success uppermost in the mind, a sales professional can begin their pre-call routine confident in their ability to reach the goal and to handle both opportunities and challenges that arise.

Sometimes, even a seasoned sales professional will not reach their goal on the first attempt. For instance, the salesperson may have visualized closing a deal during a sales call but did not do so. Nevertheless, a strong image of success and the confidence it inspires can ensure the sales professional is not distracted by disappointment or desperation and instead seizes the opportunity to move as close to the goal as possible.

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