If you watch professional golfers on the course, you may notice each golfer has a predictable routine they follow before they take a shot. This routine allows them to consider relevant factors before them, focus on success, and follow through.

Sales professionals can use the same system to succeed against each obstacle in their path. Here’s how that system works – and how sales professionals can put it to work for them.

Assess obstacles.

Golfers study wind speed and direction, course hazards and similar factors. For sales professionals, the study of the prospect’s business, pain points and opportunities is part of the assessment stage. Develop a clear understanding of the path ahead to formulate a plan for success.

Visualize success.

As golfers study the course ahead, they start to visualize how a shot will land. This process allows them to choose the visualization that leads to success.

Sales professionals, likewise, can use their assessment of the obstacles in front of them to predict the likely outcome of several different paths and choose the one that lands them closest to their goal. Here, the ability to deftly deflect hazards and understand human behavior and motivation can help salespeople visualize their next move.

Choose your tools.

Professional golfers study the course before selecting the best club for the shot they have already visualized as a success. Professional salespeople do the same thing: They choose the strategies they will use after they understand what success will look like in the unique circumstances before them. Doing so allows sales professionals to adapt to change without reinventing the wheel for each client.

Take the shot.

Professional golfers often settle into their stance and swing in similar ways, just as professional salespeople often have a predictable pre-call routine. By using a solid, consistent approach, both professionals give themselves a strong foundation from which to deploy their plans for success in the specific circumstances before them.

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