All professional athletes benefit from the help of a good coach. Coaching isn’t only about the physical or mechanical aspects of performing a sport well; it’s also about helping the athlete develop the mental and emotional toolbox they need to make those mechanical aspects work correctly under pressure.

Composure, confidence, focus, stress and planning are all skills a good coach can teach, whether the goal is athletic performance or sales professionalism. Although each sales professional approaches their goals a bit differently, the right coach can help each one maximize their strengths while identifying and shoring up their weaknesses.

The difference between a mediocre sales professional and an outstanding one isn’t deals closed, dollars earned or commissions banked. It’s the ability to take a frank look at your own weaknesses, accept constructive criticism and grow from it.

A sales coach becomes the mirror for those weaknesses. With experience and long practice in sales, a coach becomes the person who can provide both constructive criticism and concrete recommendations for addressing it. They provide the “course map” that sales professionals can use to work on their own weaknesses, improving their own performance and deepening their satisfaction with their chosen career.

The benefits of coaching have begun to infiltrate businesses at every level in the United States, from the production floor to the boardroom. Leadership and managers have begun to understand that a trustworthy coach who provides honest feedback, clear directions and emotional support helps business professionals build the skills and resilience they need to outperform their competitors.

Sales teams are no different. The number-one reason sales professionals fail to close deals is poor technique, and the number-one cause of poor technique is an unwillingness to step outside one’s own comfort zone – even when it’s obvious the comforting old methods aren’t leading to the results teams want.

Even those professionals who want to step out of their comfort zone don’t always know where to start. Here, a coach is invaluable: The coach provides the tools, and the team uses them to take itself as far as it wants to go.

At Hahn Training, our sales coaches can provide the guidance your team needs to improve its performance and achieve its goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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