Avid golfers understand in order to reach their goals, they must first be able to envision themselves achieving those goals. For instance, a golfer who wants to complete a particularly tricky hole under par must spend time thinking about how to place each shot to the best advantage for reaching that goal.

Salespeople are no different. In order to reach your sales goals, you’ll need to have strong goal-setting skills, and the ability to think through each step necessary to reach that final goal.

When setting sales goals, consider these four tips:

  1. Be specific. Quantify your goal, if possible. Know exactly what “success” looks like. “I will come in at least two under par on these nine holes” is a specific goal; “I will play a great game” is not. Know what “great” sales mean in terms of the numbers.
  1. Be realistic. Despite the lofty sound of the cliché, “shooting for the stars” isn’t done in a single shot. The teams of scientists and engineers who put humans on the moon started with problems closer to Earth: How to break Earth’s gravity, how to survive outside Earth’s atmosphere, and so on. Similarly, it’s important for sales professionals to set goals in stages, so you can reach each of them on your way to the stars … without burning up on the launch pad.
  1. Be evaluative. Set a goal that matters to you, as well as to your co-workers and your supervisor. If you’re given a goal, figure out what about reaching that goal matters to you personally. Finding the reason you want to achieve the goal will build intrinsic motivation that will help you “push through” any obstacles.
  1. Believe. Use your goal as a means to build resolve. When the going gets tough, revisit your goal and remind yourself of the value it provides to your life. Keep your eye on it, and use it as a source of strength to help get through the unenviable tasks between you and that accomplishment – whether that’s getting up early to squeeze in a breakfast meeting or making 30 phone calls before you leave the office.

The highest achievers in sales spend time thinking about their goals and their method for reaching them, step by step. Then, they act.

At Hahn Training, our trainers focus on helping sales professionals envision clear goals, then reach them by applying concrete tools and strategies for success. Contact us today to learn more.

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