Like successful golfers navigating a tough fairway, successful salespeople are adept at navigating the nuanced world of sales, from relationship management to business envelopment, proactive sales responses and administrative tasks. At times, their ability to keep everything moving fluidly seems almost superhuman in nature – but it isn’t.

How do they do it?

Top salespeople effectively manage three crucial factors when it comes to their productivity:

  1. Your Accounts

All your business comes from only two sources: your existing customers or your new prospects. How well are you managing each of these groups? Do you have a robust plan for connecting to potential prospects, reaching out to groups that offer the best fit for what you offer, and treating them as equal partners? Are you spending time with your existing customers, maintaining a productive relationship that gives and takes on both sides?

The best salespeople have written down their strategies for both sources. They’ve committed them to memory. And they play directly from that playbook.

  1. Your Territory

Your sales territory includes both the physical terrain and the people and prospects who occupy it. What are the biggest challenges for your existing customers? Your potential customers? Their competitors? What’s the latest news in their world? What do they worry about the most, and how are you in a position to help them address it?

Top salespeople are passionate about the industries their customers occupy. They want to know everything about what their current and potential clients face – and, as a result, they often do. They become invaluable resources as a result.

  1. Your Time

Email, voicemail, customer service requests, news articles, blog posts, social media, newspapers, television…. The stream of information available and requests for your attention is endless, but your time is not. How do you identify tasks that provide the greatest return for the lowest cost – and how do you ensure those get completed once you can recognize them?

Outstanding sales professionals know their success in both sales and time management are inextricably linked. They succeed with customers by succeeding with their own time management.

At Hahn Training, LLC, we focus on helping sales staff develop the skills they need to thrive – and to ensure their businesses and customers thrive as well. Contact us today to learn more.

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