Without the right clubs, a game of golf is impossible to play well. To hit the shot you want, you need the right equipment in your golf bag.

The same is true for sales. With the right equipment in your “bag,” you can effectively address any obstacles a sales prospect places in your path.

Three tools every sales professional should carry at all times include:

Effective questioning techniques

Imagine a typical conversation between yourself and a sales prospect as a movie scene. Does it look like a conversation in a coffee shop before the action begins – or does it look more like an interrogation?

Effective questioning techniques feel more like a conversation. They build rapport and demonstrate your genuine interest in the prospect’s needs. Effective questioning – and listening – shows you’re not just there to make a sale; you’re there to solve a problem.

Similarly, effective answer techniques are a must. If a prospect asks a question or raises an objection, it’s important to respond in a way that addresses the issue or that reassures the prospect that you can do so.

Competitive knowledge

Who are your prospect’s biggest competitors? What are their pain points? Most importantly, how do you talk about your prospect’s competitors?

Every schoolchild knows that if a classmate is willing to bad-mouth someone else in front of them, that classmate will also bad-mouth them in front of someone else. To put your competitive knowledge to use in making a sale, you’ll need to know how to talk about a competitor’s particular weaknesses without “slamming” that competitor. The skill to do so is an essential tool in any sales bag.

Product knowledge

Like most salespeople, you’re probably an expert on your products, and you’re enthusiastic about their ability to solve a wide range of problems. But how do you share that knowledge with a prospect?

Burying prospects in information is an easy mistake to make when you love your products or when you want to impress a prospect with your expertise, but it can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Knowing how to share information to help prospects learn and understand is crucial to an effective sale.

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