Repetition and discipline are the core of a great golf game. The repetition of solid fundamentals in a golf swing and the discipline to stay focused and own that swing leads to consistent success, and allows a golfer to focus on other adjustments to advance their game.

Golf swings are all about mechanics and the repetition of those mechanics. Any deviation from a successful swing formula leads to failure. Just ask Tiger Woods. After a back injury, the man who was arguably the world’s greatest golfer has struggled to get back the swing that made him so dominant.

Your Swing Is the Foundation of Success

A great golf swing is the foundation of a great golf game, and mastering the swing is about breaking the process down into smaller fundamentals. You must develop correct stance, and that stance informs the ability to hit a target. Your grip must be aligned and your backswing must be on the correct plane. All of those factors and more must work together to help you develop the tempo to follow through to a solid finish.

Repetition and discipline are also the core of a great sales game. The development of a repeatable, disciplined sales system will lay the foundation for success. The ability to establish a relationship with a client impacts whether the sales process can even move forward. Once you have that relationship, you must maintain it to create and stick to a mutually beneficial agenda that will keep you both on the same page and keep the process on track.

You Must Be Prepared for Discomfort (And Failure)

However, developing a repeatable process isn’t easy. The road to success is paved with many failures and creating a process requires a great deal of trial and error. Learning new concepts and techniques can feel awkward, and there is often a knee-jerk reaction to reject a technique if a first attempt falls flat. We are often tempted to give up trying something new and continue to do things incorrectly, just because it feels more comfortable.

But success is all about building new “muscles” by pushing past failure to achieve more consistent, successful outcomes. Practice, as they say, makes perfect and the learning curve accelerates once you have mastered the fundamentals. Once those concepts have been mastered, you’ll begin to have the expertise and awareness to identify – and correct – performance gaps, pushing your game to new heights.

Ready to Improve Your Sales Swing?

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