Some golfers dislike practicing. They just want to hit the links and get on with the game they love. However, golfers who want to improve must spend time practicing their fundamentals. Tiger Woods was blessed with natural ability, but at his peak, he would begin practice days at 6:00 a.m. and wouldn’t pack it in until nearly 7:30 p.m. Success begins with mastering the fundamentals, and that truth applies not just to golf pros, but sales pros as well. 

Why Fundamentals Matter 

Let’s face it. Mastering fundamentals can be boring. It’s why parents have so much trouble convincing kids to run drills in their sport of choice. But without a mastery of the fundamentals, no one can ever advance their game.

Mastering fundamentals commits a process to memory. Before you can ever think about avoiding hazards on the golf course, you need mastery over your stance and swing. Once you have those down, you can focus on more advanced adjustments that will keep your ball in the center of the fairway.

And so it goes with sales. Successful sales pros have mastered the fundamentals, creating “muscle memory” that makes those fundamentals second nature, so they can focus on taking their sales game to the next level.

The Fundamentals All Successful Salespeople Must Master

The three fundamentals all successful sales pros have mastered are:

Outlook: This sales fundamental is about establishing a positive frame of mind that helps you overcome adversity and bounce back quickly from setbacks.

Competency: Developing a repeatable sales process that allows for constant control at all stages. A clearly defined, repeatable process allows you to negotiate obstacles and hazards with agility.

Activity: The self-discipline to focus on activity management that moves a strategic plan towards the end goal.

Successful salespeople manage themselves aggressively on the fundamentals. Just as a golfer can trace a slice back to the fundamentals of stance and swing, a successful salesperson can trace a failure back to a lapse in one of these three key fundamentals. They know their outlook, competency and activity work together to create success, and just like a three-legged stool, when one of those foundations is missing, collapse is sure to follow.

Successful athletes don’t blame their clubs for a bad outing, they own the mistakes they made on the course. And successful salespeople take this same approach. Mastering the fundamentals requires a healthy commitment to personal accountability and being able to own the result of failure or success.

Ready to Improve Your Sales Handicap?

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