If your sales teams aren’t providing the results your company wants or needs, it may be due to a breakdown in the sales process. Here are several common breakdown points in the sales process and how to address them.

There aren’t enough prospects in the pipeline.

When customers are thin on the ground, sales staff will often pelt them with information and contacts, which can easily feel like pressure. Customers, in turn, may dig in their heels, refusing new purchases even when the purchase makes sense, simply because they don’t appreciate feeling pressured.

Focusing on cultivating new relationships is essential to pipeline growth, and often, the sales team needs help understanding how to build relationships rather than merely sell.

Sales staff are trying to close deals prematurely.

When the timeline between finding a new prospect and closing a sale is too short, even sales staff who excel at relationship-building are unable to leverage this skill. Instead, they’re forced to push, adopting a more aggressive stance … and losing sales.

It’s important to tailor sales timeline expectations to the organization and the customer. Sales staff who can identify when relationships are fully “ripe” can provide valuable input and close better deals.

The person is (un)professional.

Our personal lives can affect our professional lives, but it is the responsibility of a sales professional not to let their personal experiences affect sales relationships in a negative way. Whether sales staff are too aggressive or too passive, practice in “professionalizing” the sales relationship can help ensure personal influences don’t hurt prospects.

Sales staff’s techniques and training are outdated.

Each new generation approaches the world differently, which means that relationship building in each new generation must be approached differently as well. Sales staff who are still being trained in or employing outdated techniques run the risk not only of turning off potential customers, but alienating them. Attention to up-to-date, informed training and practice application of these skills can fix a broken-down sales process.

At Hahn Training, we focus on providing the information and practical tools your sales teams need to understand what goes wrong in the sales process, prevent or fix those problems, and build stronger results. Contact us today to learn more about our sales consulting services in Western New York and beyond.

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