Finding top salespeople is a major concern for every sales department. There’s just one catch: the best salespeople are already working.

In order to attract their attention, you’ll need to go above and beyond. Here are several strategies that can help your sales department attract, hire, motivate and retain outstanding sales staff.

Build a brand.

What makes your sales department an outstanding place to work? Why should top salespeople leave their current jobs to join your team instead?

Talk to your existing top performers and include their responses to questions like these into the employment brand you build for your department. In job postings and other outreach information, include answers to these questions. You’ll attract the attention of the sort of sales professionals who will thrive under your roof.

Streamline your hiring process.

A slow hiring process often loses top candidates before it concludes. Competition is fierce for the best sales talent, so a salesperson seeking a new position may receive an offer from a competitor – or a counteroffer from their current employer – before a lingering process concludes.

By shortening your time to hire and maintaining regular communication, you keep outstanding performers engaged, making it more likely they’ll be interested in saying “yes!” when you’re ready to extend an offer.

Invest in your teams.

Recruiting the best sales staff is of limited value if they leave within a few months or years. To retain top talent, invest in their growth and development.

While compensation should be competitive, investing in your teams doesn’t necessarily mean paying them more. Instead, focus on investing in training to help them coordinate their efforts and build their strengths. Invest in providing regular feedback and concrete metrics for improvement. And invest in building a clear path to advancement, so sales staff can tell how close they are to a promotion or raise and exactly what they need to do to earn one.

At Hahn Training, we specialize in identifying the key factors that make salespeople great – and we know how to teach your staff to use these tools as well. Contact us today to learn more about our sales consulting services in Buffalo and beyond.

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