Outstanding sales staff can do more than simply meet sales goals. They can surpass them.

When your best staff are doing their best work, things can seem to be going very well. But the standout work of your superstars can also disguise other problems with the organization, including poor management.

Here, we’ll explore some of the most common problems that may be masked by outstanding sales staff performance, how to spot them and what to do when you have.

Lack of vision.

Sales team members are there to sell. They have a task, and the best team members succeed at that task – over and over again.

But do the team members know why they’re selling? Do they understand how to cultivate relationships that not only result in a sale, but also move the company toward its overall goals? Do they even know what those goals are?

One of the biggest challenges for managers is to maintain the larger vision and to communicate it to team members. When managers are weak in this ability, the team may sell and sell, without actually moving the company closer to its “big picture” vision.

Lack of positivity.

Does it matter how “positive” the team environment is, as long as your sales staff are meeting their numbers? The answer is yes.

Your outstanding salesperson today might be your competitor’s outstanding salesperson tomorrow, if the team’s leader isn’t working to build a cohesive, positive and supporting culture. The best sales staff know the value of their skills, and they’re willing to leverage that value to find an employer who provides the environment they need to develop as people as well as professionals.

Check in with managers periodically to find out how they’re building team culture.

Lack of resources and training.

Top salespeople can “coast” for some time on the skills they have – but no one stays “top” without expanding their skill set, and your middle-of-the-road sales staff don’t get the opportunity to become superstars without ongoing opportunities to learn.

Make sure managers have the tools they need for better training and they are leveraging these tools. Employ a range of learning opportunities, both within the company and through partnerships with outside trainers and consultants.

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