Often, sales team leaders start to look for solutions when it becomes obvious the status quo isn’t working. But how do you know the status quo is the problem?

Here are five signs you need an outside sales coach, and how to choose a sales coach with the skills to address each problem.

You can’t seem to attract or keep top talent.

If the best salespeople routinely leave after a few months, turn down your job offers or don’t apply in the first place, it’s time for help. Look for a sales coach who can help you analyze your hiring, onboarding and internal culture to determine why your best people leave quickly or never show up.

Your team has goals…lots of them…sort of.

When goals aren’t clearly defined, lack focus or proliferate, the team’s attention is pulled in multiple directions. Achieving any one goal starts to feel like happenstance or luck, rather than the concerted effort of coordinated professionals. The right sales coach will help your team learn to prioritize, articulate focused goals and share work to pull together.

“It’s ___’s fault!” is a common refrain.

If you know that raising a problem will set off a chorus of blaming, your team needs a good sales coach – now. Sales coaches specialize in helping professionals see the direct connection between their own actions and the results and embrace that connection, ending blame and instilling a sense of control that leads to personal responsibility.

Your team just can’t seem to make quota.

Missing quotas is a quantitative sign of trouble on your team, and it’s enough to merit the attention of a well-versed sales coach. An outside sales coach can help you and your team determine why you’re falling short and address the specific problems involved.

Team culture is “meh” to “monstrous.”

Negativity, exhaustion, lack of collaboration, a sense of malaise….  If your team suffers from any of these, a good sales coach can help. Look for a coach who understands the complexity of team culture as well as its importance. Your coach shouldn’t just give a motivational speech; your coach should offer tools for lasting change.

The professionals at Hahn Training offer focused tools for sales professionals to improve team cohesion and results. Contact us today to learn more about our sales coaching services.

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