Is your sales team fully staffed, but failing to reach the goals you expect of them? Have multiple attempts to address the problem failed to pay off in increasing numbers – or left your team still short of its goals? If so, it may be time to dig deeper.

Falling short of your sales goals may be a direct result of the team’s current culture or approach, which means adding more people will not solve the problem. You’ll simply have a larger team that still struggles to meet its goals.

To turn things around and reach your goals, you may need to address the underlying “pain points” that stand between your current team and its goals. Here are the two primary problems trainers see in sales teams and the steps leadership can take to correct them.

Pain Point #1: Improper Training

The number-one reason sales professionals struggle on the job is a lack of proper training.

Unlike many jobs, a sales position needs more than a standard onboarding class. Sales staff need ongoing practice and guidance on building their strengths, shoring up their weaknesses and fine-tuning their approach to fit a vast range of customer needs, preferences and desires.

The right training will focus not only on imparting knowledge, but also on training and practicing more effective sales behavior through tools like role-playing, reinforcement focus and coaching. A more comprehensive approach to training helps salespeople not only understand the goal, but act in ways that move toward it.

Pain Point #2: Right Team, Wrong People

Another major reason sales teams struggle is that they’re composed of people whose interpersonal strengths and weaknesses aren’t compatible or aren’t being leveraged effectively.

Tools like the TTI SI Assessment help sales team leaders and managers understand what motivates, engages and inspires each individual team member. By placing results side by side, managers can gain insight into their own hiring patterns, spot weaknesses and build plans to develop the sales talent they have – and to hire the right people to fill any significant gaps.

At Hahn Training, we focus on providing the leadership education and insights your sales staff need to turn their motivation into results. Contact us today to learn more about our sales consulting.

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