Top salespeople don’t “luck” their way into success. They don’t stumble across their skills by coincidence. Top salespeople identify the core habits that lead to their success, and they practice them daily.

Because success is a practice founded on habits, any salesperson can develop the habits needed to succeed. Here are eight habits of remarkable salespeople and how to build them into your own work.

Give 100 percent every day.

When top salespeople are at work, they’re at work – no slacking, distractions or daydreaming. No matter the task before them, they tackle it with their full attention. Build this success habit by eschewing distractions and focusing on your work.

Use time wisely.

Outstanding sales staff give 100 percent to their planning and prioritizing, too. Rather than bouncing from task to task, create a clear plan, schedule appointments and stick to your schedule.

Ask high-value questions.

Top salespeople ask thoughtful, probing questions. They make their customers think. By the close of the sale, both parties are confident the salesperson’s solution is the best one for the client’s needs.

Know the product.

The best salespeople know their product inside and out. They stay up to date on changing market trends to adapt themselves to customers’ needs. Knowing your product helps you both explain it and ask the right questions to build a strong deal.

Hold themselves responsible.

“It was ___’s fault” never appears in a top salesperson’s vocabulary. Instead, the best sales staff focus on how their actions determine their success, do what they must to reach their goals and evaluate their own performance when they fall short.

Exude passion.

Passion drives a salesperson to set and achieve attainable goals. It makes others more passionate about the product and relationship, as well. Passion is often a side effect of 100 percent focus: When you’re fully engaged in a sales visit or call, your customer knows it.


Great salespeople don’t have the luck to avoid obstacles, but the perseverance to keep working when obstacles stand in their way. They engage challenges with an understanding they will succeed – and they keep working until they do.


Everyone knows salespeople with a “gimme” attitude, and chances are good no one on your team wants to work with them. The best sales staff genuinely care about others. They seek to help customers meet their needs and help teammates tackle challenges.

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