Each Year at this time, I reflect on that for which I am thankful. Each year as sales people, it is appropriate to step back from our whirlwind days, to reflect and be thankful for the wonders in our lives. You may have seen this prayer before, but I believe it requires repeating…

“A Salesperson’s Prayer”

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to help people.

Thank you for the freedom and opportunity my job provides.

Thank you for the unique products my company offers.

Thank you for my competitors because they make me better.

Thank you for my service team without whom, I could not succeed.

Thank you for my professional relationships, they help me help more people.

Thank you for my significant other, without their sacrifices I could not be successful.

Thank you for my health, as it gives me the stamina to persevere.

Thank you for the daily challenges which make me grow and make my job exciting.

Thank you for perspective as it assists me in rebounding from setbacks.

Thank you for our administrative assistants who keep me on the right track.

Thank you for our marketing department who differentiates me before I show up.

Thank you for the brave souls who have interrupted their lives to protect our lifestyle by serving our country.

There is much for which we must be thankful.

God Bless and happy Thanksgiving!

Donald Hahn

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