How many of your sales people are meeting their Quota?  Why is it that some excel while others falter?  In the years I have been training and developing sales teams I have tried to identify the key attributes that great sales people share.  Sales people are an extremely challenging interview as they are trained to be expert communicators, and are adept at communications.  While I fear we will never know all the criteria that great sales people must possess, there are several critical attributes that can accurately predict whether a sales person will succeed.

Understand that not all sales positions are the same, so we must account for the role we expect them to play.  Are they a pure hunter in which they are fearless regarding prospecting and developing new opportunities?  Are they a nurturer, assigned to a group of larger existing accounts which require care and feeding? Are the clients they will be calling on large, complex opportunities?  Do they sell large Capex solutions or smaller commodity solutions?  No one size fits all, but there are several critical attributes they all share, along with some other attributes which are dependent upon the position.

If pressed for a short list of the top criteria, I would suggest the non-negotiable attributes are:   personal accountability a utilitarian mindset, empathy and humility.  Certainly there are several more

Consider for a moment the economic impact to your organization if you could consistently predict a sales person’s probability of success BEFORE you commit to them.   The good news is that we indeed can, to a large degree, eliminate the false positives that you have experienced when Hiring sales people in the past.

Our process will identify 13 critical competencies required for sales success.  Some of the criteria are behaviors, some competencies and some are values.  These  criteria define one’s comfort zone in a reliable and predictable fashion. Using TTI’s patented bench marking process we are able to very specifically identify and measure the criteria required for success in any position.  There is indeed a secret sauce that all successful sales people share. You no longer need to continue to roll the dice and pray for success.

Download our whitepaper  “the Secret Sauce of Successful Sales People”

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